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In fact, she didn’t bring it up again at all” But Clarissa still remembered it as the best day of her life.“I have never felt the same sense of freedom as I did that day.Once again, we brought attention to it and Hubbard’s assertion that a 7-year-old girl should not “shudder” at an adult man’s kiss, “even a passionate one” — and this time, the Church of Scientology itself responded, through an official social media account, saying that the word “passionate” had no sexual connotation. In that same book, Dianetics, Hubbard said this about the experience of a fetus in the womb: “Papa becomes passionate and baby has the sensation of being put into a running washing machine.” We’re pretty sure he wasn’t talking about knitting. For the first time: The FBI file of Gabe Cazares, the Clearwater mayor targeted by Scientology Thanks to the industrious R. Seibert, we got our hands on the FBI file of former Clearwater mayor and Congressional candidate Gabe Cazares.Here for the first time were new details on the hit-and-run plot Scientology tried to use to destroy his career in 1976, as well as some insight into why no one ever went to prison for it.Sea Org members are still being punished, we’re told, but no longer with trappings of the RPF — and we credited activists like Mike Rinder for exposing the RPF’s legacy of mistreatment. DOX: The full FBI file from its 2009-2010 human trafficking investigation of Scientology In 2011, Lawrence Wright broke the news in his New Yorker story about Paul Haggis that the FBI had investigated the Church of Scientology for human trafficking of its Sea Org workers. We never doubted for a moment that it was true because we spoke with numerous former Sea Org officials who had taken part in the investigation. In the months before the Veronica Mars actor killed himself, he was telling friends of his commitment to Scientology, but he was also under heavy pressure because he refused church instructions to quit a movie because Pagan was also in it.But it was nice, finally, to get the evidence itself — in August, for the first time, we made the entire FBI file public, proving that indeed, the law enforcement agency gathered reams of evidence about the mistreatment of Scientologists at its secretive bases in California and Florida. When a Scientology ‘body-router’ turns out to be the father you haven’t seen in 7 years In May, we had a sad and surprising story. His death shocked people who knew him well and who told us he had everything to live for. Memories of a Scientology warrior: Marty Rathbun’s curious career as church rebel In March, we uncorked a lengthy piece we’d put a lot of work into.Earlier, we had posted some photos taken by a contributor outside the new Valley Org in Los Angeles which showed Scientology workers parking cars. We put together what we felt was a fair look at Marty Rathbun’s full trajectory, tracing the way his influential blog had changed over the years 2009-2016.

Aslan started out his show saying that Scientology “gets a bad rap,” which was pretty terribly timed after the success of Leah Remini’s first season, and then he proceeded to make all sorts of ridiculous claims about how indie Scientology might become a major world religion — without telling viewers that the two groups he interviewed had a total of about 60 and 20 members.

Some of the stories were scoops, others were investigative features, and some of them we just really enjoyed writing.

We’ve picked out stories we covered here at the Undergound Bunker (2012-2017), The Village Voice (2008-2012), New Times Los Angeles (1999-2002) and the Phoenix New Times (1995-1999). ‘God of Pop’ Kuba Ka on meeting Scientology’s David Miscavige: ‘Like an emperor or the Pope’ We could hardly believe our luck when Scientology celebrity Kuba Ka, the “God of Pop,” announced in March that he was leaving the church and his friend and adviser, actress Vikki Lizzi, told us that Kuba planned to sue. The next day, we published our story about the two-hour Skype interview we did with Kuba and his mother and their entourage.

But the press handling of the story was terribly mangled, in part because of a confusing statement put out by the local sheriff, and cries of “fake news” were heard across the land.

The Underground Bunker was the only news organization that spoke to the families of the two victims and got the full story of what actually happened. How Humira, the world’s best selling drug, is helping to finance Scientology into the future In July we revealed that Jeffrey Augustine had found a document which showed that in the last week of 2015, Bob and Trish Duggan, the world’s richest Scientologists, socked away a million shares of stock from the pharmaceutical firm Abb Vie in a foundation under their names.

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