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FUFA also organizes the Ugandan Cup, which is the oldest football competition of knockout format having started in 1971. Magogo is an electrical engineer by trade and has worked for the African Development Bank.

Magogo was previously the Federation's Vice President, in charge of administration.

The idea that was single-handedly promoted by the Current President of FUFA Eng.

Moses Magogo was ridiculed, resisted, and fought by everyone.

Affiliated members includes Regional League clubs, schools football associations and cup competitions.

Below the regional football associations, FUFA has divided the country into 13 administrative zones, each of which encompass several district football associations.

He is also responsible for starting the players contracting regulations and system in Uganda, negotiating and concluding the various sponsorships to football.

The 8 regional football associations administer the Regional Leagues covering the third tier of Ugandan football.

The concept of re-structuring Ugandan football with the creation of a new second tier league was first mooted in October 2008 by FUFA.These local associations are affiliated to FUFA and manage grassroots affairs in their districts including the Fourth Division Leagues.The Ugandan Big League is the second tier of the Federation of Uganda Football Associations.(2004) 5000 lat-5000 lat A certain shade-Far from home Aba Shanti I-Jah lightening and thunder Abraham Dread-Positiva vibrazion (2007) Absolute reggae vol.1 (1991) Admiral Tibet-Determination (2002) Adrian Riverside-Compilado (2002-2007) Adrian Sherwood-Becoming a cliche (2006) Africa Unite-Babilonia e poesia (1993) Controlli (2006) Mentre fuori piove (2003) People pie (1991) Reggae vibrations (2002)live) Un altra ora (2004)live) Vibra (2000) African Brothers-Want some freedom (2001) African Head Charge-In pursuit of shashamane land Afrika Cosmica-En vivo en Melipilla Afrikan town sound-Luismy selektah presents-Classics in da jungle (2008) Aidonia-Jamaicas most wanted mixtape (2008) Than and now (2007) Aisha-High priestess (2007) Ajamu-Living water (2007) Nothing without jah (2009) AKA El Pienza-Tengo el don (2007)demo) Akabu-Warrior queen (1995) Al Capone JJ-No offense (2007) Al Pancho-My story (2007) Righteous men (2003) Alaine-Alaine collection (2007) Alan King Pin-Letter from jail (1990) Alborosie-32 hits (2007)2cd) Escape from Babylon (2009) New songs (2007) Soul Pirate (2008)european tour) Talk to dem (2007)e.p.) Alerta-Somos uno (2006) Ali Campbell-Running free (2007) Alika-Educate yourself (2008) En vivo en Mexico (2004)natty radio) Mad Professor meets Alika (2009) No dejes que te paren (2000) Razon meditacion acion (2005) Sin intermediarios (2002) Almalafa-Mi peligrosa tijuana (2008) Almirante-Abriendo puertas (2008) Alpha & Omega-Dub philosophy Overstanding (2003) Rare from internet Spirit of the ancients (2003) Alpha Blondy-Apartheid is nazism (1988) Dieu (1994) Elohim (1999) Grand bassam zion rock (1996) Jah victory (2007) Lessentiel (2004) Masada (1992) Paris bercy (2000) Radical roots from emperor of african reggae (2004) The best of Alpha Blondy The greatest hits vol.1 (2003) The prophets (2000) Yitzhak rabin (1998) Alpha Wess-Le choc des cultures (2008) Alton Ellis-Showcase The best of Amani aka Specialist-Boom Boom (2004) Ambassada-Musical mission (2008) Amparanoia-Introducing Mimi Maura (2005)live) Amy Winehouse-The ska ep (2008) Anastasio y Los del monte-Reggae unido (2005) Ancient King-Conquering sound (2005) Andiman-Blazin fire (2008) Andrew-Connections (2009) Cree Andrew Tosh-Andrew sings Tosh the never died Anen-Change cambio (2007) Angel-E.p. Babylon breakdown (2007) Babylon Circus-Au marche de illusions (2001) Babylon Circus (2000)2cd) Best of ska & reggae Dances of resistance (2004) Demo no.1 cassette (1996)e.p.) Musika (1999) Tout va bien (1997)e.p.) Babylon (soundtrack)1980) Babylove & The van dangos-Lovers choice Bad Brains-Attitude (1982)e.p.) Bad Manners-Anthology (2cd) Ska n B (1991) Badfish sound-Christmas mix (2007) Badjao Roots-E.p.Anne & Sonia Campbell-Raise again millenium (2000) Annette Brissett-And the taxi gang (1991) Anthony B-Black star (2005) Dj reggae showcase (feat. Badman Crew & Club Bangaz-Dancehall mix vol.2 (2003) Bakchich-Bashment (2004) Balaganjah-Drift away from evil (2008)set) Ethiopian children (2008)set) Max Romeo special (2008)set) Mix 186 mon (2008)set) Mix 188 mon (2008)set) Put down the guns (2008)set) Rockers (2008)set) Warm the nation (2008)set) Balaguero-Estamos aqui (2009) Haz bien (2008) Bamboo-La musica se siente Bambu Station-Break the soil (2006) Chant of the lions Congo moon (1999) Live in California (2006) One day (2003) Talkin roots vol.1 (2005) Talkin roots vol.2 (2005) Talkin roots tour (feat.

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