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What made you choose Tuskegee and what are you studying?

Moriah: I chose Tuskegee University, one, to be different, and to make a new path.

I had a longing to go to the south because I wanted to experience a different culture of people, and basketball is the vehicle that God has allowed me to use to do just that.

I’m studying Nursing currently with plans of changing my major to Occupational Therapy, which is a 5 year Master’s program at Tuskegee.

I am closest to Raquel Theus, she is like a sister to me. And she calls me over and pulls out her phone and has me give her daughter a shout out on the video camera. So at this point, I’m just going through the motions throughout the day.

I’ve known her since my childhood because she lived down the street and our parents were close. I didn’t get a call, nor was I expecting one because I was headed off to college. She then later goes into conversation with me in which she advises that I continue to use “Jimmies”. I know that you recently gave a public explanation via a You Tube video, but can you please repeat yourself regarding the rumor that’s out and make further clarification on the subject. We get home, and I go to the bathroom to find a brush for my hair, and while I’m in there, I hear him setting up his computer on the dryer.

The series runs 3 season(s), and has a score of (out of 100) on Metacritic, which compiled reviews from respected critics. Here’s the plot: "Teens in an upscale black Los Angeles neighborhood live the good life." "Baldwin Hills" is currently available to stream via subscription, rental, or purchase on i Tunes Store, and XFINITY.Moriah: On TV, I’m this lovebird taking girls out on romantic dates, schnazzing them up with corny, yet slick, lines and compliments; but in real life I am quite shy when it comes to females.It takes a lot out of me to truly express how I feel, but when I do, the truth comes out and I speak from the heart exactly how I feel.Here’s a woman that’s worked multiple jobs, just to help keep the household afloat.I’d be foolish not to obey her and honor her for being such a wonderful mother.

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