Weblogic.jms.common.jmsexception error binding connection factory

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The selector which is set when producing is shown in the text near the arrow.

The number between brackets indicates the order of an example flow in which an error occurs in the problem Service.

No PL/SQL is required to manage the queue and messages. A JMS topic is created which is targeted to the sub-deployment.

The process of defining a JMS server, topic and connection factories is described on: In order to allow the module to be connected to, a connection factory is created.

This can be set in the JMSAdapter configuration when producing messages (JMSProject, client A, client Aerror Handler in this example).

The JMS module needs to have a Destination Sort Key system resource configured based on the JMSPriority.

The method described however can also be implemented by other technologies/languages.

The method used is different from (as far as I know) previously described methods to implement exception handling in Oracle SOA Suite.

In BPEL you can refer to the JMSAdapter connection factory to allow the BPEL process to send messages to the topic.

In this blog post I will demonstrate an error handling mechanism which can be used to achieve guaranteed delivery of messages in a specific order.

To implement this I have used Oracle SOA Suite 11g, BPEL 2.0.

As can be seen, the errors and restart actions are part of the same flow and can be related to each other.

This in contrast to a previously described AQ error handling methods such as when using this method, the state of the durable JMS Topic subscribers reflects the state of the BPEL processes and messages can be viewed from the Weblogic console. Inside the module, a sub-deployment is created which is targeted to the JMS server.

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