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In 1999, Chris made his third appearance in a news report on the growing success of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.He was 17 years old at the time, and he was playing Pokémon cards with kids as young as 8.Basically, they're dating hot model-type girls who are totally real and not fake at all. Poor Rihanna, always getting Photoshopped without her consent....Instagram user Peejet seems to have a lot of free time, and let's face it, if there's a better way to use that time than to Photoshop himself into pictures of celebrities, we haven't found it.The line began forming outside the door around 2 p.m., three hours before the SPCA's new rummage shop in Charlottesville opened for a special sneak preview Friday.By , nearly 50 people were waiting in line, while about 30 volunteers inside put the finishing touches in place.Once again, Chris's "I Got A Fish" video was briefly featured, this time on G4's Web Soup on 2 July 2009.

MTV's show Failosophy mocked Internet idiots like Chris. In the upcoming RPG Heartbeat, a minor NPC character whose appearance and mannerisms are obviously based on Chris can be interacted with in one of the game's locations.The whole media furor was sparked by the "I Got A Fish" video.However, most of the show covered Chris's videos addressed to Ivy.most memes; and who doesn't love a good Photoshop Battle?But sometimes, people try to get sneaky with their Photoshop skills. When people realize the unlimited potential for deception that goes along with photo editing, some think they can trick others into thinking they're much more, er, than they actually are.

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