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Worse, its spin as a pro-consumer benefit obscures the manipulation of the broadband market that’s happening right under our noses.John Legere even breathlessly talked trash about Verizon "curating" what people should watch under Go90, even though he’s basically doing the same thing with a different name.Verizon is so desperate to impart the logic of limitation that it now offers data plans in "small, medium, large, extra large, and extra-extra large" sizes.

"This is not a net neutrality problem," Legere insisted on stage today at his company’s Uncarrier X event. Consider T-Mobile and Sprint’s basic "unlimited" data plans: each technically include unlimited data, but only 1GB at 4G speeds.

These bad ideas should die at T-Mobile before they turn the internet into just another zone of total corporate control.

The truly simple solution is to just offer unlimited data access for everything.

For years ISPs have clamored about a mobile data crunch that never materialized to justify data caps and outrageous prices, and wouldn’t you know it, now they have the solution.

After years of aggressively trying to cull the herd of people who still remember the meaning of the word "unlimited," they’re rebranding it as something special and new. Even the landline ISPs are using the same spin now, because their siblings in the mobile business have perfected the art of squeezing customers for access to data.

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