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And yet, Shurat Ha Din is not only trying to draw direct connections between these incidents, it is even trying to implicate Palestinians in the United States in the Orlando attack.

“Orlando, the Florida town where the attack took place, is fertile ground for Palestinian terrorists like al-Arian, a Hamas activist who was sitting in an American prison, and came from there,” Shurat Ha Din claimed.

The picture that is emerging of Mateen is not of a person with any religious piety, but of a violent, abusive and deeply troubled man who had spewed racist and homophobic bile for years.

Mateen was licensed to own firearms and worked for the global security and incarceration firm G4S since 2007.

G4S has long been the focus of protests by the Palestine solidarity movement for its role in Israel’s human rights abuses.

The FBI had twice investigated Mateen, in 20, but found no basis to charge him.After a decade pursuing him in what the American Civil Liberties Union called a “pointless and vindictive” prosecution, US authorities finally dropped the charges against al-Arian and allowed him to leave to Turkey last year.Al-Arian has no plausible connection to the Orlando shooting or to any of the other incidents.G4S allegedly ignored complaints about Mateen’s erratic and threatening behavior.An ex co-worker told NBC news that Mateen was racist and belligerent.

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