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They range in size from only a few meters to more than 100km across.

And they formed anywhere between a few years ago and more than two billion years ago.

And determining the ages of the craters is difficult.

A recent study claimed to have found evidence of periodicity.

Only a few of these showers are necessary to lead to the false impression of periodicity.

Given that there’s good evidence that an asteroid triggered the dinosaur extinction, it makes sense to ask whether showers of asteroids could be to blame for regular extinction events.

The question is extremely important—if we could prove that this is the case, then we might be able to predict and even prevent asteroids causing mass extinctions in the future. Today, there are approximately 190 impact craters from asteroids and comets on Earth.

There are a lot of variables involved: craters disappear as they age, and some are never found in the first place as they are on the ocean floor.

Rocks from some periods are easier to find than from others.

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