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The people flocked to him in droves seeking help and advice in the confessional, and he assisted many in living a truly devout Christian life. In return I promise to make you known and cause you to be invoked. When she was fourteen, she consecrated herself to Christ and took a vow of ...

However, this humble man had to endure many severe trials and terrible temptations throughout his life. I will also imitate your life of prayer and devotion Through Jesus Christ our Lord. continue reading An elder Mexican man makes his way to Mass in the early morning twilight of December 9, 1531.

He is a peasant, a simple farmer and laborer, and he has no education. continue reading | shop Thomas is believed to have been born in the castle of Roccasecca in the old county of the Kingdom of Sicily, which is now known as the Lazio region of Italy, in 1225. continue reading | shop Marguerite had survived many threats in the twenty-six years she had been in wilderness of Canada.

She had lived through Iroquois attacks, a fire that destroyed her small village, plagues on the ...

He tried to learn the trade of shoemaking, but failed. He dropped piles of dishes and kept forgetting to do what he was told.

He asked to become a Franciscan, but they initially would not accept him. His mother was not at all pleased to have the eighteen-year-old Joseph back home again, so she finally got him accepted as a servant at the Franciscan monastery.

He fell so deeply in love with God that everything he saw only drew him into a deeper union.

He said that all the troubles of this world were nothing but the "play" battles children have with popguns. Joseph became so famous for the miracles that he was finally kept hidden from the public, but he was happy for the chance to be alone with his beloved Lord.

She was an outstanding student and was well versed in philosophy with a particular interest in ...

First, in the Old Testament, Gabriel appears to the prophet Daniel to explain his ... A layperson, and not a very important one, he may have come for the same reason many still come to Rome today during a papal election: concern for the ...

continue reading Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska of the Blessed Sacrament was born as Helena Kowalska, in Glogowiec, Leczyca County, north-west of Lódz in Poland on August 25, 1905.

His deep devotional life led him to the kind of holiness which is forged through humility, voluntary mortification, and obedience.

He was consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and promoted devotion to her among all classes of people as wonderful path to a deeper Christian life and love for Jesus Christ.

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