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Perhaps the most salient critique was that the Newsweek writer had failed to mention research about online dating that indicates that black women are less likely to receive responses when they attempt to contact potential matches.

(A similar dynamic appears to work against men of Asian ancestry who try to connect with people of other races.)While Williams received some substantive criticism, many of her critics did not appear to have read past the headline or to have bothered to even register the fact that the story that had upset them was written by a black woman speaking about her own experience, though not directly citing it.

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For now, this list will help you learn to think with your head rather than your often-misguided heart.

That's reductive, too."While there are other important aspects of the story about black women and interracial dating — how the media and fashion industries have systematically downgraded and ignored black beauty, for instance — Williams said the primary motivation behind her Newsweek article was to get the attention of black women who have considered interracial dating but aren't doing it."What should be happening when you read a story like that, it should encourage you to want to explore more," she said.

Before doing so, however, it edited the mini-article to remove erroneous tweets Twitter had previously promoted that suggested that Williams was not black and that she had provided no data for her assertion that black women are less likely to be married to people of another race.

In a short piece filed Tuesday, Newsweek staff reporter Janice Williams used the start of the ABC program's 13th season to remark on how the long-running show's casting of a black woman in the title role was a milestone for African-American women.

Williams also argued that the casting of Rachel Lindsay was noteworthy because the "Bachelorette" star is among a relatively small group of black women who are dating outside their own race.

The subject of interracial dating has been a continuous topic within magazines and websites that cater to black women, especially in recent years.

There was even a 2006 romantic comedy called "Something New" that featured an interracial relationship between characters played by African-American actress Sanaa Lathan and Australian actor Simon Baker, who is white.

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