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As such, during programming, Share Point uses the Display Name for some scenarios and Internal name for others.For example, when you are working with asynchronous events you can use a display name like “My Column Name” to retrieve the value.Scenario Customer needs to impliment some validations based on user permision , its a common scenario for most of the customers.They need the validation should be varied based on user's sharepoint groups How we handle the validation?In this post we’ll look at some best practices in working with them.Event Receivers, Before Events & After Events the Item is actually added or updated to the Share Point List.

If it is executed as asynchronous it gets executed in a separate thread.

For example, the list name should be “My Column Name” rather than “My Column Name”.

This is because Share Point uses two names for storing list fields/columns.

The Display Name (the name that appears to users in UI) and the Internal Name.

Because of this, if we called our list column “My Column Name”, the display name would be “My Column Name” whereas the Internal Name would be something like “My_x0020_Column _x0020_Name”.

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