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I understand how frustrating it is to be turned down for a job you wanted, but it always baffles me that someone wouldn’t take into consideration that they have limited information about the job — and the rest of the candidate pool — and we know it quite intimately. Thank you for your rapid response to my last email.

In it you state via what appears to be a form letter that you “identified other applicants whose qualifications better fit our needs.” Unfortunately I don’t believe this to be true.

But in any case, here are a few more real-life emails I’ve received in response to rejection notices. a form letter — a friendly and polite form letter, but a form letter.

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I guess I should have skipped University and attended typing classes. I do like character and enthusiasm, but it’s naive to think they trump attention to detail or a basic fit with the qualifications for the job.A lot of organizations would like to have someone with my considerable set of experiences and leadership and I’m secure enough in them that I won’t rehash those here.I would urge you in future to be more honest with your applicants about why you would prefer not hiring them.And since most employers have many well-qualified applicants who don’t submit error-filled work, those things are going to move you to the bottom of the pile.Still, naive as he is, I kind of wanted to give him a cup of cocoa and help him rewrite his resume.

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