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Rapper Chingy has been catching a lot of hell in the hip-hop community for having dated a tranny named Sidney Starr. Marshall Mathers is straight, clean for now, and trying to get back into acting. She wants to play the high society, international jetsetter. Eva is very put off by ordinary people wanting autographs or photos or even speaking to her. And yeah, he's a raging alcoholic and loves cocaine as well. It's weird how most celebrity gossip threads on here devolve more into a fierce argument about who is really straight, rather than gay.Kanye West has serious drinking problems augmented by "substance" problems. She was like his conscience or his policeman or something. She "isn't ready." There are two major hip hop/RB artists who are flaming queens, but it isn't Usher or John Legend. Neither Jessica Beil or JT is gay, but they aren't together. Lots of straights and straight-identified gays post here these days, I reckon.Hugh Jackman, straight, rumoured to hire female hookers, in a non-sexual relatipnship with his wive after she found out. Beyonce sees herself as culturally as important as Michael Jackson. She believes her own press, and glories in the wealth she 's accumulated with Jay Z. In reality most items are old before they see print.Zac Efron, straight, not so sweet, hugely abmitious. I'd add the following: A young Oscar nominated actress is having a harder time than people thought getting over her ex (a convicted felon). He hooks up with guys when drunk or high to "get back" at his gf Reena after one of their knock down drag out fights. He is afraid to lose her because she has a rich daddy and is a British heiress. R3 is that delusional fangirl that used to post Chace and Jake were straight womanizing pigs on every thread, and that 99.99999% of the planet knows that it's 'universally accepted' they are straght.Bradley Cooper is bi, no I sincerely doubt that, Bradley is straight, but he isn't even a nice pwerson, he comes off as a straight arrogant asshole, no wonder he is good friends with simular Ryan Reynolds.I was thinking the other day, Sca Jo's twin brother is gay? How did Scarlette marry such a horrible homophobe like Reynolds?Any Which Way You Can Philo takes part in a bare knuckle fight to make some more money than he can earn from his car repair business.

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I can give you what I think to be a very accute and realistic list of ywho is gay and who is straight: Chace Crawford - straight, and a totaly womanizing frat boy pig. Ryan Reynolds, Straight, and a womainzing whore, huge ego, very rude to his fans. She was over him before the break up was announced.Flash Gordon A football player and his friends travel to the planet Mongo and find themselves fighting the tyrant, Ming the Merciless, to save Earth.Well I think Usher is gay, maybe he isn't but I read bis to suggest he dates drag queens and t-girls. Anne Hathaway is absolutely not doing heroin and is not mourning her former boyfriend. (1980-1988) The adventures of a Hawaii based private investigator.Though one might think this proximity may be fun, both sides often feel that it’s “too close for comfort.” That’s Incredible (1980-1984) A show that looked at the more unusual sides of nature, medicine and human endeavor.

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