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As a result of MSK’s status, many of them have extensive experience with AYA patients.Aside from the clinical offerings the hospital has made further efforts to make patients more comfortable by introducing several features for those in their teens and 20s.The types of cancer diagnosed can be more prevalent in either the pediatric or alder adult populations.In addition, due to the age of the patient population there are additional concerns such as fertility, graduating university, and starting a family.As a result, in the past few years there has been an effort to create care centers in hospitals geared towards this age group of patients.Being diagnosed with cancer at any age is a terrible thing, and the challenges of life in AYA certainly do not help – but this is made worse by the infiltration of integrative medicine practitioners into AYA cancer care centers that have little to no evidence of their claims and serve only to provide false hope, alternative facts, and various placebos…for a price.This can include stopping sperm production for men, and early menopause for women.Through consultations, patients can be adequately informed of these risks and can be recommended options such as sperm freezing and egg/embryo banking to facilitate future reproduction if desired.

This is the category that most of the centers I have reviewed fit into.This includes a lounge that is set up specifically for the age group that includes: The goal is to make younger patients feel more comfortable, and help address the social isolation from their peers that all too often can arise at that age.This is not to say that either MSK or Roswell Park are perfect when it comes to the World of Pseudo-medicine.In this regard, it is not surprising that young adults use CAM, or that in those under 18 it may be pushed on patients by parents.Though dedicated studies on the AYA group concerning CAM use are lacking, we do have approximate percentages available for the age groups.

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